Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a little update!

Wow!  I have been gone a while! I am sorry about that.  It is not on purpose.  I just never can seem to find the time to post something that I think you all want to really read!!

So what is going on here? I am working and loving it.  It has been an adjustment to say the least but the kids and are getting the hang of it.  I had a hysterectomy last week.  I am recovering well.  I am hoping to go back to work next week. 

Jackson is doing well.  We are struggling with some heart issues.  He is at an age where he obsesses over things.  We are trying to teach him about false gods.  About allowing something to consume your mind so much that your focus is taken off of the Lord.  This is something that both Troy and I struggle with too.  We are not perfect but if we were then what would be the point?!

Ellie is still Ellie.  She is excelling in her schoolwork and is reading really well.  I am so proud of her.  She is super sensitive and I am still working on my own responses to her. I don't get her sometimes.  Remembering that this a gift that God has given her helps me to be more compassionate with her. She loves going to work with me.  She LOVES art.  She loves her teachers. 

Char is Char! She is a mess.  She is super bright and witty.  Because of this I am constantly laughing at her antics.  She is a mess and we love her for it!  Her outfit of choice is Minnie Mouse pajamas and to be honest I think that is a GREAT choice!

Troy is employed but looking for a new job. He has an interview today! Yay! We are praying it is better pay and a place where he is appreciated.  We want him to have a fun job!

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