Thursday, July 28, 2011

This isn't going to last forever

Char just came into the living room holding her dress up around her chest with a long strip of toilet paper in her hands.  She looked at me with all seriousness and said, "I need you to wipe my hiner".

This made me think of her and how little she is and how big she is all at the same time.  Not quite 3 she is talking like a big girl.  She is completely potty trained and she doesn't even tell me when she has to go anymore (hence the reason she has to come find me to help her!). She is "writing" her letters and shapes, she only knows how to make a circle.  And she loves to read me the stories in her books.

But then there are those times that she just wants to be held.  Times when she wants me to blow on her food because it is too hot.  Times when she is scared and needs me to go with her to make sure it is all right. Times when she needs me to wipe her hiner!  I love that little girl.  I am not ready for my baby to grow up! She still has a long way to go!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Schooling Char-"I want to do my maff"

Today when we started school Char quickly exclaimed that she "wanted to do my maff". So we got out the spoons.  We got this idea from a preschool swap and it has been fun.  The spoons are different colors and have letters on them.  I turned them over for her so that the letters did not through her off.  Right now we are just working on colors.
Then I put one of each color in a cup so that she could match them/

Then she matched them!'

She did this several times.  She had a lot of fun.  I tried making a simple pattern.  She recognized that it was a pattern but had a difficult time continuing the pattern.  That is something we will work on in the future.  But for now this is her "Maff". 

By the way..there are no pictures of her because she was completely naked and refused to get dressed for pictures.  So you will just have to look at her little hand! :)

A small milestone

Ellie has finished her first book in the Explode the Code series, Get Ready for the Code.  She did really well with it and by the end she was able to work independently.  I love this curriculum because the format never changes (not even in the books for the big kids). It is also very thorough and I truly believe she gets it and is ready to move on to the next book.  She was so excited and we got a great picture of her showing off her completed book!

Monday, July 11, 2011

An encouragement....

We started a new curriculum and schedule today.  A schedule is something that we, as a family, struggle with.  I can never keep up and the kids always do something to mess it up! But that is okay..I think! :)

So this morning as I was reading over the teacher's notes for the lesson today I read a prayer that was so good.  It put me in check and I really appreciate it.  I thought I would share it because as a mom this is such a battle.  Not just for homeschoolers but for ALL moms out there!

"Diana just wanted to protect her family. She was going wrong because she was relying on her own strength, rather than crying out to the Lord for help. When she was reminded of the story of Daniel and the lions' den her heart was softened. It is very easy to rely on our own strength and get stressed. This robs peace from the whole household. Today take courage that there is no lion's mouth that God can't shut, and when you trust Him you do not need to fear."

"Dear Jesus, I call on your name to strengthen me to raise my children to love you. I surrender to You and ask that will lead our day. Please give me wisdom, grace, and energy. To your glory alone, amen."

We started our day with this prayer and the Lord is so good.  Instead of being frustrated with the fact that the schedule was already out the window at 9:15 am, I was gracious to my children.  And because of that my son asked me some really good "God questions".  I could have missed them if I had been consumed with myself today!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Vacation at Grammy and Popsy's!

My bigs went to my parents house this past week.  It was a good time had by all.  Mom and Dad took them fishing.  Ellie was the only one who caught anything...

and did she ever!  An 18 in, 2 lb catfish!

Jackson tried....

but she beat him again!  Another catch!  This time a little bass.

Ellie fishing with Popsy.  Jackson is in the background trying a different spot.

Char and I made the drive to go and pick them up in Waco.  She was one tired puppy!  She fell asleep with her tongue hanging out!  Love this little girl!

There are more pics that I will post when Mom sends them to me!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


The kids painted the other day.  They needed something fun to do and what is more fun than painting?  The did great and I think I am going to frame them and decorate the school room with them! Hope you enjoy them! :)