Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She can swing!

It is a typical morning in the Brown house today.  We just finished working on our lap books and now the kids are outside enjoying the semi-cool morning while I catch up on email and other random things.  I am sitting in the living room in front of our big window occasionally looking up and watching what they are doing. And much to my surprise I see me 2 1/2 year old sitting on a 'big' swing going almost as high as her sister.  The only thing is there is no one pushing her.  As I watch her I realize she is pumping her legs! 

Oh my goodness!  She can swing!

I know that first children are slow to do things because they don't have someone to watch and the subsequent siblings catch on more quickly; but man, I was not expecting this!  She is growing up so fast and that makes me so sad! :( If I am being totally honest it makes my uterus hurt! I have been heart broken over her milestones because that means that she is no longer a baby.  She is closer to a preschooler than a toddler now.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way..right?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

God is so good!

I have been struggling with homeschooling and being a full time student myself.  Especially since I want to work with special needs kids and my kids do not fall under that category.  So what the heck is God doing? Why is He calling me to do all of this so?  It doesn't make sense.

Then today in our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) we talked about Abram and his faith.  We talked about how he was righteous in the sight of the Lord because of his faith.  He was not perfect but he still believed.  There were several questions from others and our fearless leader, Barry, did a great job leading the discussion.  I was even able to share some of what I have been going through over the past several months.  I left class feeling good about the valley that I have been in.  The emotional, physical, financial, uncertain valley.  Only because I was reminded of how good God is.  He truly is! 

Fast forward to picking up my child downstairs....I ran into someone that I have been talking to about a possible job opportunity.  One that would allow me to use my schooling and still homeschool my kids.  One that seems very cool yet it is still so far away (not until May 2012). As she was talking to me she started revealing some very cool stuff.  HUGE plans that she has for me.  Plans that she has prayed and prayed over and the Lord has put me in the forefront of her mind.  Plans that are so cool and so huge that I am SURE they are from the Lord. 

I can't give all details now but what I do know is that my faith is still strong, but it just got a huge boost.  It feels renewed.  As I was making lunch for the kids I said a prayer thanking Him for His goodness and His plan.  I was also mindful that there are other aspects that I don't know yet and that is okay but what I do know is that He is in control and that my friends is so comforting!

We were challenged to memorize some scripture this week and honestly these verses were the first thing to pop in my head as I was praying today.

"Yet, with the respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform." Romans 4:20-21

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Lapbook

My kids have been asking a lot of questions about Spring.  They are excited that it is getting warmer and they are ready for Spring to get here.  Today I realized we are only 5 days away from Spring! So I surfed the web and found a Spring Unit Study.  We are going to make a lapbook.  I am also excited because there is a lot of information about weather and I also purchased a weather unit study!  So we are starting tomorrow and I will post pics and let you know how it all goes!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I should post something...

It has been busy.  So busy that we have not had school the last 2 weeks!  As a whole our family was sick for 2 weeks and then last week we were in DFW visiting my parents and grandmother.  So this week, this Spring Break, the kids and I are buckling down and attempting to get back on track.

We are not trying to catch up because, well, I threw out the lesson plans the 3rd week of school! :)  My goal is to just get a full weeks worth of work to get done.  That means Jackson has a lot of work ahead of him!  Today he did great with very little complaint.  I must say I am very proud of his attitude toward school.  He is so much better.  He also started reading a new chapter book today (independent reading).  He is doing so well I can't believe it!

We are also in the process of potty training Charlotte.  She was almost potty trained several months ago but I was in the midst of my funk and didn't have the will or the want-to to get her completely trained.  Today my funk is gone and I am ready to get back on track.  So we took off the diapers and wore panties all day long!  She did not have any accidents!  She did both number 1 & 2 in the potty without issue!  I am so proud!

Ellie is still Ellie.  She is doing great.  She is really turning into a little momma.  She wants to help with EVERYTHING.  She begs to watch cooking shows and she talks about what she wants to do when she grows up to be a mom.  I have started teaching her the steps to different things like cleaning and cooking.  When I was little I knew I was going to grow up and be a mom and I dreamed about cleaning house and cooking.  So I know how she feels!  I like being able to train up this little girl.

Other then that life is good.  Troy got a job and that is always a good thing.  My Pampered Chef business has been very successful and has done what I want it to.  Until next time....