Monday, November 21, 2011


My house is quiet.  Too quiet.  There is no laughter, no yelling, no screaming, no stomping on the laminate floor. It is quiet.  Why? you ask. My kids are at Grammy and Popsy's house! A few weeks ago when Mom called to see if we would come there for Thanksgiving she also asked if they could take the kids a few days earlier.  All 3!!!  This has never been done before.  So yesterday I met my dad halfway between here and there and dropped the kids with him.  The ride home was nice and quiet.  Once I was able to get home and be still it was too quiet.  I almost couldn't stand it.  This morning I have been very productive.  I miss the kids but I am enjoying the silence. We will see how the rest of the week goes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning to read..take 2!

Two years ago I started teaching Jackson to read.  The experience was traumatic to say the least! There was a lot of crying and yelling.  From both of us.  So when Ellie started showing signs of readiness I was a little nervous.  Ellie's personality is nothing like Jackson's.  I knew that it would be different.  I was just worried that I might make the same mistakes as before. 

We have taken this whole entire process very slow.  She has finally started to express frustration because she cannot read.  One of her good friends is an excellent reader.  This frustrates her.  I have been preparing her for reading since June.  That is when I formally started teaching her letters and sounds.  The reason why I waited is because I wanted to make sure she got it.  A lot of times letters and numbers are taught at a very early age and I don't think kids really get them.  I think they memorize but then don't know how to apply them.  This is one of the problems that Jackson had.  Anyway, I started with just teaching her letters and sounds.  We worked and worked on them until I felt she was ready for the next step.  Last week we took the plunge.  We have officially started SSR&W.

It is not as easy as she had thought.  We are learning to blend letters like "b-a". Today she was very frustrated.  She really just wanted to read a book.  So today was not as easy as she had hoped.  I on the other hand knew it would not be so I was able to remain calm when she got upset.  I know she will get it.  Jackson did and he was hard for me!

Thankful Part 3...

It is time to talk about the third child. My sweet sweet Charlotte Grace.  When she was a newborn I would sing "Charlotte Grace with a pretty face".  She is beautiful.  She has to be for all the trouble she gets into. 

She gets into everything!  She cannot sit still.  She loves to torture, I mean, love the kittens.  She is constantly watching them. She has a song for EVERYTHING!  She turns a simple task into a song.  She loves to hold out the last note as long as she can. "I am brushing my teeeeeeeeeeeef". She loves to work on her own schoolwork.  She has amazing fine and gross motor skills.  I noticed it when she turned two but more recently I have had several people comment on them.  She is a "lefty". The only one in the family that I know of.

Have you seen the movie "Up"?  The part where the dog is talking and then is quickly sidetracked by the "SQUIRREL!".  We lovingly refer to that movie when talking about Char.  She is easily distracted and still struggles with one step tasks.  She will get it one day. 

Even with how busy she is, Charlotte still loves to cuddle.  She is the most still of them all when it comes to "snuggles".  She finds a good spot in your lap and then makes that unmistakable clicking sound with her tongue as she loves on her sheepy. 

I love you Charlotte Grace!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Part 2....

Today is Ellie's turn.  She is definitely the middle child and a girl. She frequently gets her feelings hurt and always thinks that her brother and sister get more love, toys, time, etc etc!  It can be trying at times.  But with all that being said, she is such a blessing to me!

Her goal in life is to grow up and be a mom and a "cooker".  She loves to cook.  Our favorite time together is between 2 and 4 when Charlotte is down for her nap and Jackson is off doing "Jackson things". Ellie and I snuggle up in my bed and turn on the Food Network and watch her favorite chef, Giada De laurentes.  We talk about the recipes and then we plan what we are going to make for dinner.  It is really fun. 

Her newest thing is that she wants to film herself cooking.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to do that.

Ellie also loves passionately.  She has a few really close friends and she cares so deeply for them.  So much so that I have threatened to make her take a break! :)  All in all she is a great girl.  I know the Lord will use her personality to grow me as a mom. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful for...Part 1

I have been participating on the 30 days of thanksgiving on Facebook.  Day 4 was for Jackson, Day 5 for Ellie and Day 6 will be Charlotte.  I thought I would make more detailed posts about each of them on my blog too! So here is Part 1:

I am thankful for Jackson. He is only 8 and yet he has such a giving spirit about him.  The Lord has truly given him a heart of compassion and of generosity.  Last week we had to stop and get gas by our home.  The plan was to fill up and then head into Houston.  Jackson noticed a homeless man sitting out by the intersection.  This man has been around for a few years.  Jackson wanted to know immediately if we could stop.  I said no.  After driving for a while Jackson asked if we would be out for lunch.  I told him that I did not plan on it.  He was adamant that we stop somewhere to buy this man lunch. His response to me was "If no one else will feed him, I will." How could you argue with that.  Unfortunately the man was gone by lunch time.  He usually is.  It was a lesson for me, not to leave things undone.  Next time we will have something for him. 

That is only one little reason why I am so thankful for my boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

True Greatness

This summer I did a book study on Raising Your Kids for True Greatness by Tim Kimmel.  A great book for all parents, especially Christian ones!  Anyway today, Jackson, out of nowhere brought the book to me.  He said, "Mom. I want you to read this book." I smiled and told him that I had.  He then wanted to know if Troy had.  I asked why and he responded "Because I want to do good things with my life." That is exactly what this book is all about.  I was so proud of my sweet boy when he said that.  He is an amazing kid.  And my hope is that we can raise him up for TRUE greatness.