Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful for...Part 1

I have been participating on the 30 days of thanksgiving on Facebook.  Day 4 was for Jackson, Day 5 for Ellie and Day 6 will be Charlotte.  I thought I would make more detailed posts about each of them on my blog too! So here is Part 1:

I am thankful for Jackson. He is only 8 and yet he has such a giving spirit about him.  The Lord has truly given him a heart of compassion and of generosity.  Last week we had to stop and get gas by our home.  The plan was to fill up and then head into Houston.  Jackson noticed a homeless man sitting out by the intersection.  This man has been around for a few years.  Jackson wanted to know immediately if we could stop.  I said no.  After driving for a while Jackson asked if we would be out for lunch.  I told him that I did not plan on it.  He was adamant that we stop somewhere to buy this man lunch. His response to me was "If no one else will feed him, I will." How could you argue with that.  Unfortunately the man was gone by lunch time.  He usually is.  It was a lesson for me, not to leave things undone.  Next time we will have something for him. 

That is only one little reason why I am so thankful for my boy!

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