Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Part 3...

It is time to talk about the third child. My sweet sweet Charlotte Grace.  When she was a newborn I would sing "Charlotte Grace with a pretty face".  She is beautiful.  She has to be for all the trouble she gets into. 

She gets into everything!  She cannot sit still.  She loves to torture, I mean, love the kittens.  She is constantly watching them. She has a song for EVERYTHING!  She turns a simple task into a song.  She loves to hold out the last note as long as she can. "I am brushing my teeeeeeeeeeeef". She loves to work on her own schoolwork.  She has amazing fine and gross motor skills.  I noticed it when she turned two but more recently I have had several people comment on them.  She is a "lefty". The only one in the family that I know of.

Have you seen the movie "Up"?  The part where the dog is talking and then is quickly sidetracked by the "SQUIRREL!".  We lovingly refer to that movie when talking about Char.  She is easily distracted and still struggles with one step tasks.  She will get it one day. 

Even with how busy she is, Charlotte still loves to cuddle.  She is the most still of them all when it comes to "snuggles".  She finds a good spot in your lap and then makes that unmistakable clicking sound with her tongue as she loves on her sheepy. 

I love you Charlotte Grace!

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