Monday, July 11, 2011

An encouragement....

We started a new curriculum and schedule today.  A schedule is something that we, as a family, struggle with.  I can never keep up and the kids always do something to mess it up! But that is okay..I think! :)

So this morning as I was reading over the teacher's notes for the lesson today I read a prayer that was so good.  It put me in check and I really appreciate it.  I thought I would share it because as a mom this is such a battle.  Not just for homeschoolers but for ALL moms out there!

"Diana just wanted to protect her family. She was going wrong because she was relying on her own strength, rather than crying out to the Lord for help. When she was reminded of the story of Daniel and the lions' den her heart was softened. It is very easy to rely on our own strength and get stressed. This robs peace from the whole household. Today take courage that there is no lion's mouth that God can't shut, and when you trust Him you do not need to fear."

"Dear Jesus, I call on your name to strengthen me to raise my children to love you. I surrender to You and ask that will lead our day. Please give me wisdom, grace, and energy. To your glory alone, amen."

We started our day with this prayer and the Lord is so good.  Instead of being frustrated with the fact that the schedule was already out the window at 9:15 am, I was gracious to my children.  And because of that my son asked me some really good "God questions".  I could have missed them if I had been consumed with myself today!


Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing Christi! It can be so hard sometimes. But, when we just let Him lead us in all things, including our schedule and schooling, we will succeed!

Sterling said...

So good! Sorry for being part of you "messed up" schedule. :o)

Jaycee said...

Oh boy! I am truly being filled reading blogs tonight. God IS! Thank you, more than you can imagine, for posting this!