Monday, July 25, 2011

Schooling Char-"I want to do my maff"

Today when we started school Char quickly exclaimed that she "wanted to do my maff". So we got out the spoons.  We got this idea from a preschool swap and it has been fun.  The spoons are different colors and have letters on them.  I turned them over for her so that the letters did not through her off.  Right now we are just working on colors.
Then I put one of each color in a cup so that she could match them/

Then she matched them!'

She did this several times.  She had a lot of fun.  I tried making a simple pattern.  She recognized that it was a pattern but had a difficult time continuing the pattern.  That is something we will work on in the future.  But for now this is her "Maff". 

By the way..there are no pictures of her because she was completely naked and refused to get dressed for pictures.  So you will just have to look at her little hand! :)

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