Friday, March 26, 2010

Long time coming...

So last week I started typing out my post and what do you know?  A virus popped up and took over my computer.  Literally took it over.  We thought all was lost but with the help of 2 computer savvy friends we are up and running again.  A lot has been going on.  We have been busy with school and life.  I thought I would just post an update on everyone today.  Then I want to start posting regularly about our lives again. So here it goes, bare with me, it may be a long one!

Jackson-the eldest!-We have just started Step 16 in our Sing Spell Read Write curriculum. Ah, this is going to be a difficult one.  It is all about the cluster sounds like; sh, ch, ow, ou, etc.  This is already proving to be a bit difficult.  But I know my boy can do it.  We are also reading The Magic Tree House together.  He is really enjoying it and unbeknownst to him, he is reading most of it himself!  We are only two weeks away from finishing our Kinder math book and will be starting on the First grade one soon.  I have already mapped out the rest of the year and we should be on grade level by mid-July.  He is so active still.  His scooter is broken but he rides his bike a lot.  We have also put him in a PE class at the dance studio.  This week they did Astronaut drills.  He had a ball.  Right now he is hanging out with our neighbor Kamran a lot.  K is only 3 but neither seem to mind the age difference.  They both love Star Wars and have a great time running through the yard and hiding on Mr. A.V.'s porch. 

Ellie-my Princess-Ellie has a style all to her own.  In this picture she has on two different shoes (which is a normal occurrence for her).  She loves to dress up and play with her Polly Pocket dolls.  We have been doing "school" with her too.  She is learning the letter A.  She can write her name (for the most part).  She is very sensitive and I love that about her, but it also gets on my nerves a bit.  She cries at the drop of a hat.  She is very loving and I love that about her.  She is still in ballet and LOVES it!  She has been doing so well.  She is also having a great time in WAM on wednesday nights. 

Charlotte-the busy one!-She is getting so big so fast.  Her little personality is really coming out.  Today she crawled up the ladder to the top bunk of Jackson's bed.  She is running at full speed.  She still loves her "sheepy" and now is in love with her "bay, bay" (blanket that Mimi made).  She doesn't even want to stop to sleep.  She thinks she is a big kid.  She is having tubes put in her ears on Monday.  Hopefully this will help with all of the infections.  Her best bud at the moment is Jacob, Kamran's little brother.  Char and Jake have a love hate relationship!  She asks for him, ("Day Day") and then pushes him away when he gets too close to what she wants.  They do share their snacks and capri-suns though! 

Totally random but these pancakes are the Brown's new favs for the moment!  We eat them at least 4 days a week.  Try them.  They are full of fiber and very tasty!

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