Saturday, May 21, 2011

I feel as though I should post something.  It has been a while.  I have thought of several posts but I have scratched each one.  Not because the content wasn't important but really because it was too emotionally charged.  I have struggled over the last week or so with some strong emotions. Part of me wants to blame others the other part knows that it is me and me alone that can take the blame for the hurt feelings or anger. So I choose not to blog about it. 

We are still unsure of Troy's job situation.  It looks like he has two offers on the table by two different companies.  Now it is time to pray.  I can't imagine that God would so clearly shut doors in this process (7 months to be exact) just to give us this very difficult decision at the very end.  The thing is one job would be extremely rewarding..he would be helping those in need (much like we have been). But the pay is not that great...actually it is not good at all.  But there is a possibility that they will offer more (we will know on Monday).  The next job is much more rewarding financially.  The pay is more than he made at BAE and we would be comfortable when it came to paying bills (something that has not happened in a while).  To many this is a no-brainer, but to us it is a difficult decision.  God calls us to do things that are not the "norm" and if we are obedient then he will reward us in that. 

So that is all I've got.  At least about the Troy-job stuff. We are still schooling.  It is hard because I am done and so are the kids.  But we are going to school all summer.  I know it sounds crazy but I really want to take off November and December.  If we school this summer we should not get off schedule too much. 

I still don't have a camera, but I am working on it.  The kids are enjoying our unit study on shells (yes we are still doing it!).  Hopefully we will actually get it finished soon and get to move on.  I have a Memorial Day study that I would like to we better get crackin'! 

Until next time....Be blessed!

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