Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bringing Elliot Home-Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Hello friends,

Many of you are my friends on facebook (and in real life for that matter) but I wanted to post on here too because, well, some of you are not. 

If you don't know..I sell Pampered Chef.  I have a friend that is trying to adopt from Eastern Europe.  He is a precious, precious gift from the Lord and they are working hard to raise enough funds to bring him home.  It is terribly expensive.  I have actually only known this sweet family for a short while (they are in our homeschool co-op) but already I love them so much.  They have such a heart for the Lord and for the orphans that the Lord calls us to care for. You can read her blog to learn more about their journey and also where the money is going!

Okay I feel as though this is all over the place.  What I am trying to say is that I have offered to sell Pampered Chef to help raise money for them.  We could have done a raffle but I felt like people would want to get something for their money...and who doesn't like a good-quality kitchen tool (many which have lifetime guarantees!)?  Pampered Chef does do fundraisers but because it is for a family and not an organization they won't contribute for it like it is a fundraiser. I have offered to give all of my commission.  So the more purchased-the more I make and the closer we are to bringing Elliot home. 

So if you need some new products check out the website and order!  You have to go under the host name-Jennifer Johnson.  You DO NOT have to live in Houston or Texas for that matter to purchase something.  All you have to do is place your order and let us know where to send it if you are out of town.

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