Friday, June 3, 2011

A leap of faith...and a new baby!


I want to share something that I think it is really cool.  Two years ago our church began calling on us to pray for the most unreached people group in the world, the preborn.  These little lives are so precious and ordained by our Maker and they are being mercilessly killed the thousands.  Now I am so against abortion it is not even funny, but there are instances where even some Christians think it is okay to do this.  One of them is after a test that you get in the early stages of pregnancy that lets you know of any birth defects.  One of those "defects" is Down Syndrome. This test by the way is not very accurate (I have known many to have a positive test result just to have a baby born with the correct amount of chromosomes).  These babies are more often then not....aborted.

Over the last year I have become very close to a beautiful family with a little boy that has an extra one of these chromosomes.  His name is Jonas.  He is one of the most precious human beings I have ever come in contact with.  Sure, he is delayed. But I believe that he is closer to God than I could ever be.  He is innocent.  He is precious. He is just the way God wants him to be.

That being said.  His parents, Roger and Mindy, have decided to be accountable for those preborn babies.  They have been called by the Lord to be the alternative to abortion; to adopt a child that is just as special, just as precious, and with a purpose just like Jonas.  This is not an ordinary adoption.  They have to go through a private agency and a national network.  They don't have a ton of money, but this is what the Lord has called them to do.  This is considered a "private adoption" and there are costs involved.

Oh I forgot to mention that Mindy is a phenomenal quilter/sewer. So she decided to make quilts and raffle them off!  She also makes bags that you can purchase here.  She will also make a quilt for you. Just let her know the size and the type of fabric you like and she will quote a price.  Her email is (mindychurchill at yahoo dot com). All of the money raised will go to saving the life of a child that God made with a purpose. 

I hope you take the time to check out her blog and her facebook page!  This is a special family and they are doing a great thing!

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