Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Curriculum

Every homeschool mom knows that it can be very overwhelming when it comes to choosing curriculum.  Especially if you have a bunch of friends that homeschool or are a part of several homeschool forums.  They all have opinions and every single one them is doing something different.

I received a new curriculum (I believe it is new this year maybe even came out in 2010) for free in the mail last week.  It is a 13 unit study (per series) and I received unit 1 from series 1 for free.  It came with a DVD and PDF files so that the curriculum could be used by more than one student.  It is based on the Friends and Heroes DVD series.  The unit includes; history, geography, science, Bible, character building and art.  Because I got it for free we are going to try it.  But just looking at it I think this is the route we are going to go.  Check out the website here.  They have free online games and coloring pages too!

We need a good Language Arts curriculum.  Up until now we have relied on Sing Spell Read and Write and more recently Hooked on Phonics.  It was a great curriculum for J but he needs more.  So I am going with Rod and Staff English 2.  I know that he is in 3rd grade but we have not had any other formal LA teaching.  (My main focus has been on reading!).  So we are starting with 2nd grade.  If he gets it quickly we will be in 3rd faster! :)  Jackson will also continue with Hooked on Phonics.  He is doing very well with it! We are also continuing with Explode the Code (for Jackson) and the pre-requisites to ETC, Get Ready/Get Set/and Go For the Code (for Ellie).  She is actually almost done with book A; Get Ready for the Code.  And she loves it!
*Edit* Here is the link for the store for Friends and Heroes.  It is a different website.  Sorry about that! :)
We are sticking with Horizon's Math.  Jackson does well with it and now Ellie has started it.  She loves it.  Jackson hates it (but it is not because of the curriculum). 

We are also going to sprinkle in some other Unit Studies.  We did a few last year and are continuing through the summer.  We are making mini-lapbooks on the 50 states.  The kids will really enjoy it.

So what are you doing next year?


Jen said...

My fathers world , explode the code, math u see ,
First language lessons , writing with ease,
spelling workout,
Shurley English, wordly wise.
I need a handwriting program
and love and learning

Typed in iPhone w/ baby in lap

themarlatts said...

I am doing almost exactly the same as Jen! My father's world, explode the code, math u see, First language lessons, and writing with ease. Adding in All About Spelling and continuing with Bible Study Guide For All Ages cause the kids insist on it! And we're finishing up our World Geography curriculum we never finished this year. Seems like a lot, but I think it will go quickly each day.

And we're adding in Hooked on Phonics to get Wyatt started with school.

Doesn't it feel good to have it all figured out?!