Thursday, June 23, 2011

My 2 year old is a MESS!

Many of you know that both of my girls have their favorite security items.  For Ellie it is a little brown puppy appropriately named, Puppy, and then a pink and white crocheted blanket from Mimi.  For Charlotte it is a little (used to be) white sheep from Bath and Body Works appropriately named, Sheepy.  So now that you are all caught up....

About two weeks ago Puppy went missing.  It was a sad day in the house.  Ellie cried and did not sleep well the first couple of nights.  Thankfully she was able to get over it and really has only missed it when she was extremely tired. I found it odd that we couldn't find Puppy.  I had just seen him in the gameroom and he just disappeared. We even cleaned it well and couldn't find him.  So two weeks and a very tired and cranky girl later, I decided to look one more time!

*Just a little side note here.  To all you Mom's out there, are you the only one who can find anything in your house?  I am!  And it drives me nuts!

Anyway back to the story.  Last night I decided to take one more look.  Behind the couch under a few strategically placed items was PUPPY!! I was so excited.  I quickly took him to Ellie, who was already in bed, and she was elated.  I told her where I found him and that it appeared someone had hidden him there.

Charlotte jumped out of bed and declared, "I did it!". She was so proud.  She then told us that she had put it in her "Fecret hidin' pwace" (secret hiding place).  She is such a MESS!  For two weeks she has known that we were looking for it and she remained quiet like she had no idea.  If this is how she is at 2 what will she be like at 15?  Lord, help me now!

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