Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy with School!

The kids and I have been busy with school!  We have been going through the motions and it has been pretty good...for the most part!  We still struggle with attitudes and that can be a bit challenging, especially when I am not in the mood.

Jackson finished an ETC book last week.  It felt like it took forever (because it did) but he finished.  I asked if he wanted me to take a picture and he said "No!".  Oh well.  We have also taken a break from Horizon's Math.  I could tell that he was getting too frustrated with it and for the last 3 weeks we have been only working on fast facts on the computer.  He really likes doing it and it takes less than 5 minutes sometimes.  There are parts of me that think he should be doing more but then the laid back, just let him work at his own pace cause this is why we chose to homeschool, part of me says that 5 minutes of math is fine if he is learning.  He finished a chapter book that was part of the Hooked on Phonics program we are using.  He really enjoyed the story line and I could tell he was really proud of himself when he finished.

Ellie is still trucking away at ETC.  We will be starting SSRW before Thanksgiving I am sure.  Part of me wonders if I should wait until after the new year.  I probably won't because she is so willing to learn right now.  We are still working on number recognition and some addition. She is doing well with it.

Charlotte is craving some school time.  I have started working with colors and shapes with her.  We are also learning "C" for Charlotte.  Last week we talked about circles, purple and the number 8 by making a spider.  She really liked it.  I will have to take a picture of the project.

Overall we have been doing lots of fun things.  There have been times I thought about taking pictures but then didn't because I was enjoying my time with the kids. 

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