Monday, October 17, 2011

The Creator's Kids

I am so blessed to have a God that works out ALL of the details!  If you don't know, more than 2 years ago I went back to school to teach Special Education. At the same time the Lord called me to homeschool Jackson.  I know...CRAZY!  It was and has been.  Each year we pray about what we are to do.  Each year God has told me to continue school and continue homeschool.  I began to ask God what he had planned. Not in a what the heck are you thinking kinda way, but a what is the plan kinda way.

He answered me this past Spring. Through a series of circumstances I was put in touch with and then subsequently hired by a woman starting a brand new business.  It is called The Creator's Kids. I will be the assistant director.  I am so excited!  We open our doors January 2nd.  And what is even cooler is that I will still continue homeschooling my children!!! 

Right now we are looking for teachers!  If you know anyone that lives in this area that would be interested in something like this please have them email a resume to  We are looking for part time and possible full time teachers to teach; music, art, home economics, creative dance and theater.  I would love to hear from you all! We will begin interviewing and hiring in November!  I am so excited!!!

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