Saturday, December 19, 2009

Burn out leading to excitement

I have been so burned out on everything lately.  I am not even thinking about the Reason for the Season.  I am over the music, lights, parties, and really anything else that goes along with Christmas.  How sad?  Last night I spent 90 minutes on the phone with a dear friend that I have not talked to in so long.  She has been a friend for a few years and always encourages my faith when I am around her.  Over the last year we have become the type of friends that just say hi in passing and that is so sad to me.  So last night I called her for something totally simple and we talked forever!  I got off the phone feeling so refreshed.  I felt as though the Holy Spirit just poured out His love on me like a shower with her words.  It was awesome.  I was reminded of the awesome worship time I had at Deeper Still and how I never wanted that feeling to leave and yet that was 2 weeks ago and I am already burned out?!?!?  After getting off of the phone I had to do the last minute shopping thing at Walmart.  It was after 9 and I was not looking forward to it.  There were some very rude shoppers (what else is new) but overall is was good.  I got everything I needed and left unscathed.  I got home and Troy had pulled all of the toys from the attic down and I wrapped gifts until almost mid-night. 

As I looked at the ubundant amount of gifts my cup began to run over.  I was so thankful that the Lord allowed us to be able to do this for our kids and family.  We stuck by our 3 gift rule and yet the tree is overloaded and that doesn't count the unwrapped stuff that goes under it today when Troy gets home. 

It is not about the gifts and I know it.  It is about the one and only Gift that was given so long ago.  No matter what you believe you cannot dispute that Jesus was born.  And let me tell you, He was sent to take on sin and to give us eternal life.  That is what December 25 is all about.   It should be called Thanksgiving, because that is what we should be doing. We should spend the day with the family and friends that the Lord has so graciously given us.  We should praise Him and exalt Him because He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and He would humble Himself to become a human and suffer for the lives of the world. 

So my challenge for you this Christmas is to think of what He has done for you and to thank Him. 

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