Thursday, December 31, 2009


*I had this whole thing typed out and Ellie tripped over the cord and I lost it all!*

So, everywhere you look there are lists and countdowns of the past year.  I started thinking about all the Lord has done and what we have been through and I was amazed.  Here are some things that happened in '09.

  • In February, Troy was demoted at his job.  With it was a decrease in pay by 33%.  This was a little more then our mortgage payment.  Only a month later did we find out that our escrow account was short and that we would be paying an extra $200 a month for our mortgage.  Not good timing!  What was good was that I was able to start watching Caleb Caldwell which helped out tremendously.  
  • Also at this time Troy had his heart "attack".  He had to have a stint put in.  We were scared.  But we had tons of help and our JH family really stepped it up.  This year our insurance changed and after a visit to the ER, surgery, two different hospitals, an ambulance ride, a night in the cardiac care unit and 4 total days in the hospital, we only had to pay $50!  Now that is a God thing!
  • In June both of our cars died within days of each other.  I did not panic and was sure that the Lord knew it all and had all the details sorted out.  The Sunday that the van's alternator went out a family we barely knew gave us their car.  Yes, you heard that right!  Who does that?  The Lord that's who!  Oh and the ones who decide to be obedient!  
  • In August I had surgery for endometriosis.  I don't know why I am all of the sudden having this but I am and I was able to have surgery and with the new insurance it only cost $25.  
  • I took an awesome Bible study called "Anointed Transformed Redeemed".  It forever changed my life and I started school in August at the University of Phoenix online.  I was nervous at first but it has been good for me.  As I started thinking about my major and what God wanted me to do with it I felt like I should concentrate on sign language.  At the same time I was getting nervous about the way that schools in my district would accept my degree.  After sharing concerns with an acquaintance I found out that he was the vice principle of the elementary school that has the deaf ed program for KISD!  WHAT?!?!?!  He said that he was not worried about the school the degree was from he was worried about the teacher!  
  • Jackson started first grade and struggled.  After 3 months it was clear to Troy and I that he needed something that the school could not provide.  We pulled him out and I have been homeschooling him ever since.  He has improved significantly.  He is still behind but he is getting there.  Just when I thought that it was getting to hard and felt as though we were getting nowhere, he read a book to me without issue!  God knew that I needed some encouragement.
  • It seems as though we should not have our bills paid or that we should be struggling but in the past several months it feels as though money keeps appearing out of nowhere and even if it is not money it is things like the milk and bread miraculously lasting until Friday.  I can't explain it except say that God has provided for us greatly this year.  
We are excited to start a new year and we are ready for whatever God puts in our path.  Kay Arthur said it best "If we are not in a trial we are not growing in our relationship with the Lord."  How true those words were and are!  I like it when it is quiet but I love it when I feel close to Him and it always seems that I feel closest to His peace when it is chaos around me.

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