Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turning 4 and all things princess

Today my sweet precious Ellie T turned four!  I am so excited for her and sad all at the same time.  She is so different from Jackson at four.  I know it is mainly because she is a girl but really she is so different.  She already has those girly hormones!  She loves all things "beautiful" and she is the first to tell you what is and isn't.  She loves little things that she can carry in her hands and animals (stuffed and plastic).  She loves any and all things princess, pink and purple.  We jokingly call her our little hoarder although she doesn't hoard, she just likes her stuff.  She is sensitive to others and when your feelings are hurt, hers are too.  She cries when someone is hurt or sad (even characters on tv).  She is a great big sister and a wonderful little sister.  She is stuck right in the middle yet she does not get lost in the shuffle.  She is Ellie T and she is special!  I love her so very much and I am so humbled to think that God trusted me to raise her.  I love you Ellie, I hope you always know that! 

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