Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just thought I would post an update on what we have been doing for school.  This is more for me than anyone else reading this.  I like to look back and see what we were doing.

I recently went to the Dollar Tree and bought a few things for Ellie and Char.  Ellie really has been showing an interest in reading and writing and I have been a bad mom and have not let her do it!  I know that is horrible but I know that once she starts I am COMMITTED!!!!  So I have waited on the intensness of it all and have done just some surface stuff like abc's, and 123's.  She has been doing really well with it.

So I bought her a Cinderella Alphabet book at Dollar Tree so that she can continue to practice writing her letters.  She still needs to work on some fine motor skills.  We also have a puzzle that has 2 pieces per letter that makes a picture. So Aa-put together makes a basket of apples, and so on.  We are really concentrating on A-E.  We are working on the sounds and letter recognition. 

For Char I bought her some books about animals and colors and shapes at the Dollar Tree.  She loved reading them with me and when I finished she "read" them to me.  She basically would tell me the animals name and then ask me "Sheepy say?" Wanting me to make the sound of the sheep.  These are all really good early learning concepts that I enjoy doing with her.  She is also working on wooden puzzles that are animals and even plays with them as thought they are figurines.  I love it!

Jackson is rolling right along in Math and Reading.  He is on grade level now and I am sincerely impressed with his reading skills!  It is like a whole other child here.  Because he has improved so well we are going to start introducing so other things.  I had thought about Science but he is taking a course about space in Friday School.  We may work on some History. We have also started a new Bible study called "Devotionals for Boys".  He craves the Word and that sparks a fire in me! 

I would have loved to post pictures of the girls working on their newest things or Jackson reading his Bible but alas my camera is still broken!  Hopefully I will get a new one soon! :)

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