Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An actual schedule?!?!

Because I have stopped playing on the computer our home has become this great place to be in with an actual schedule!  Who knew this could happen?  I had no idea that the computer interfered with my day that badly. Jackson has been fighting me when it comes to school work and that has been hard.  All that it has really done is make his school day longer.  And that is all on him.  He usually finishes a little bit before lunch and then we go outside and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!  Yesterday we were outside for several hours.  I have also been keeping Charlotte up until after lunch.  She seems to be doing well with that schedule and it lets me have a nice break in the afternoon.  All in all things are going well here.  It is a power struggle with Jackson and his school work but I am the adult; I am the teacher!  It is my job to not freak out and to make him be obedient!  And he will be.  It just might take a little longer to do something that I would have liked.

* Oh and I started ballet last night!  I am so sore but it was fun!*

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