Friday, January 8, 2010

Fasting and Revival

So our pastor is leading our church into a revival.  We have a calendar with specific verses and at the end of the month we will be having a special service to wrap it up.  The thing is this is not an old fashioned "tent revival".  There will not be a guest preacher or even a band coming.  This is about personal revival.  It is about repenting and turning away from our junk.  It is about renewing our walk with the Lord and in turn renewing our church and in turn doing something awesome for Katy.  Which in turn will be good for Houston and then Texas and then the US and get the idea.  Our nation has turned away from it's God and He has started to say ok.  He is not going to continue to allow us to take and not give back.  He has been spit in the face one too many times.  We have killed millions of babies, said that the sanctity of marriage does not matter, and have become complacent.  This is the problem with our country.  And I for one am tired of it. 

In Joel, the people are told to not give their clothes but to give their hearts. They are told to fast and repent.  So that is what I am going to do.  I have been thinking of my own sin and have realized that I have been lazy, I have not taken care of my children the way they should have been and I have lied to my husband about things because honestly, I just wanted a break.  I have realized that I have let facebook get in the way.  I am addicted!  I love to look at other people's updates and photos.  I love to play games.  But I love it so much I ignore my duties as a wife and mother and enough is enough.  So for the rest of January I am going to fast from Facebook and my email.  I am not checking email because there are facebook  updates in it and it is a temptation I don't need!  So please don't email or fb me.  I won't get it!  But I do hope that in a month I will be a new person.  Revived and on fire for the Lord!


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