Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It is very late and frankly I can't sleep.  This may turn into rambling but you will just have to bare with me. Did I just use the right bare?  Anyway.  My kids drive me nuts sometimes but for the most part they are a source of entertainment.  Who knew that this would be so fun? 

Ellie- I have a boyfriend.

Me- (shocked) You do?

Ellie- Yes, it is Jacky.

Me-Why?  Is he cute?

Ellie-No!  He is handsome!

Oh no!  It has started and she is serious about this guy.  She gets giggly when she sees him in the hall way at church.

Charlotte has started this new thing where she likes to blow on your tummy.  She cracks me up because she cracks herself up.  I love that little turkey.

Jackson is such a big helper.  He has been doing so much around the house since Troy's surgery.  He has not one time complained.  He is such a sweet boy and already he has a servant's heart.  I am so excited to see how God chooses to use him. 

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Sterling said...

Can I just say... I love you! Do you want to know 1 of the many things I love about you? I love how you are you... I love how you are so open and will share your feelings. I love your kids and how wonderfully crazy they are... and I know I don't know you to super well but you have allowed me to see how wonderful you are and how much you love the Lord. Okay... so I shared more than 1 thing I love about you. I had a hard time putting it into words and into 1 thing. Our friendship is new, but I already know it is special and I treasure it :o). Is this random?