Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3

Just want to let you know that as I type this post my 3 year old is having one of the biggest meltdowns I have ever seen! I just had to scream at her to get her to stay in her room.  Motherhood.

I wanted to post some pictures of what we have been doing.  It is only day 3 but the kids are really enjoying our new schedule.  So here it goes.

In Friends and Heroes, we are learning about keeping a diary/journal.  We researched Samuel Pepys and read some entries of his.  Then Jackson had to pretend he was in a loft of a barn like Macky from F&H.  He was to wrap up in his blanket and write about his adventures that day.  The lesson suggested that we do it by candle light but I used my own discretion. This was out of Jackson's comfort zone.  He is still not a very good speller and lacks confidence.  But after writing a bit I caught him writing notes by himself.  I LOVE when he realizes he CAN do something!

Charlotte received excellent presents for her birthday!  One of them was this sorting activity.  She still doesn't quite understand patterns but she does understand different colors and sizes.  She really enjoyed this activity today.

Ellie is really doing very well with ETC!

We also played UNO Moo!  The kids really like this game!  Thank you Mrs. Mindy!

Look who is learning how learning how to ride a bike!  Go Ellie T!

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