Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Following Through

Okay so I am just going to put it out there....most days we sit in front of the TV all day and do nothing.  This has become a reality that I am ashamed of.  I could blame it on the heat or not having a car, but in all actuality it is because it is so much easier to let the kids be occupied by the big box that makes noise! As you know we are schooling through the summer and the last two weeks have SUCKED!  We have not gotten anything done. 

Se la vi (is that how you spell it?).

So this week I decided we are going to start over.  No more kicking myself or boo-hooing.  We are going to start.  The first day, Monday, we had 3 different visitors stop by.  This put a wrench in my plans but I stuck with it and made the kids stick with it too.  While I prepared dinner, Ellie sat at the island and did her ETC while Jackson sat at the table and worked on his math.  Jackson did not finish until 9pm.  He is a trooper!

*Before you get all judgmental on me for making my kid work into the night... let tell you that it took him about 6 hours to do 2 pages of work.  He chose not to get it done! Today he finished a much larger amount of work in about 45 minutes!

Anyway. Today was much better.  We started the day off without TV and the kids ate and played outside first thing.  Really, we have to go out before 9 am to keep cool (or cooler!).  After playing we started school.  Ellie is always faster because she has less work.  She finished with a great attitude and then worked on her chores.  Jackson also had a great attitude and finished all subjects by 10:30!!  Only an hour and 45 min!  I was so proud!  Char watched PBS.  I know I just said no TV but she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I didn't want to fight her while I was helping Ellie.  And if  I am following my lesson plans, 30 minutes of TV is allotted for Char! The kids ALL did had their chores done by 11 and we were able to go next door to play with our friends.

Anyway all that to say I am going to really try to follow through with the kids this year.  It is so easy to stop doing our work when it gets hard or we get a better offer.  I think it is a good lesson to teach them too!  I am not worried about how they will turn out in the academically, I am more worried about how they will turn out spiritually.  And following through is a lesson that needs to be learned!

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