Monday, August 22, 2011

Our First Day 2011-2012

As I am starting this post Jackson is still working on math but he is almost done! Today was a good day!

Today we started our official school year!  I decided to do it today (even though we have been schooling throughout the summer) because it was Ellie's first year of Kindergarten and she was a bit sad about missing the whole "first day of public school". So I decided to make our first day a big deal for her sake.  Plus it is a great way to start the year!

We started our day with a great and favorite breakfast, pancakes and bacon! Char helped me mix the pancakes!

While I was getting breakfast ready Jackson and Ellie sparred in the backyard!

During breakfast we read from the book of Acts. In our Friends and Heroes curriculum we are learning about the early church so I thought it would be good to go through the entire book of Acts with the kids.  We talked this morning about the ultimate demise of Judas and the appointing of Matthias to take his place with the other Apostles.

Then it was time for "First Day of School' pictures!  Ellie had to have her bacon in hand..whatever!  They all dressed themselves and for that I am happy so all of you that have really cute pictures of kids in their brand new outfits..don't hate! :)

For whatever reason the two other individual pics are not loading...I will try again later.

Anyway.  After pictures we came in and started our day.  We started with a video from our Friends and Heroes study.  The video is 30 minutes long so I used this time to clean up the kitchen (which was nice!). When the video was over I sent the girls to work on chores. (Originally I had wanted the kids to do their chores before school but today worked out much better).  While the girls cleaned their room Jackson and I learned about the Roman soldiers.  We talked about what an Empire was and he had a great modern day example.  I was really impressed.  He remembered seeing on a TV show where a bee hive had been taken over by wasps.  Great job, J Hunter!

After he was done with that, I sent him to clean his room and then he was allowed a break.  Meanwhile Ellie came back to the table to work on her assignments.  She chose Explode the Code first.  When she was done Charlotte wanted her time.  So I allowed her to color in a workbook we got at the dollar store.  The big kids played outside for a while.  Then it was time for Jackson to read and Ellie worked on her math.  When they were both done we all played a game of "Old Maid".  They all thought it was a lot of fun. 

So here I am now.  Jackson is working on finishing his math and I just got done reading to the girls. After lunch I am going to read "Tom Sawyer" to them and then it will be nap time for Char and play/TV time for Jackson and Ellie. 

So how was your day?

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Sterling said...

Awesome! Our day was great as well!