Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy Day and Monsters

Today I went to a city wide consignment shop called "Just Between Friends". I went with Michelle and we took all of our "little's". It was fun. There were great buys for Charlotte. I got 9 full outfits (Charlotte), an Anakin Skywalker costume (Jackson, looks new!), a polo for J possibly for family pictures, and a Polly Pocket tree house thingy for Ellie all for the grand total of $48! I could not believe what a great deal I got! Michelle did well too. We went to another little shop off of Memorial and it was good too a little spendy but nothing we couldn't handle! Most of the clothing was in great shape. I got 2 new leotards and a skirt for Ellie's ballet. She was so excited because one was purple! We then went to the best place ever...Olive Garden! It was so good and such a nice treat! I know it is ridiculous to get excited over such a silly place but it hit the spot and I was glad we went.

It is so beautiful out today that I opened windows and tackled my kids bathroom when we got home. It looks and smells so much better! The windows do not have screens and Jackson just asked for permission to climb out. What the hay! I don't really care, it's fun and we certainly do not get to do it every day.

So funny little story and conversation with Jackson today....
E-Mom, Jackson fighted that monster in his bedroom and had to feed him so he would go away.
E-He did, ask him!
Me-What is she talking about Jackson?
J-There was a monster in my room and I had to fight him and I punched him so hard in the face he went to outer space. (pantomiming the entire scenario!)
Me-Oh, this was your dream last night?
J-No, this really happened. I was very quiet so that you would not wake up. You were snoring in your bed.

I am sure he really did fight a monster! He has been struggling with fear lately and I told him last night that all he had to do was to tell the scary things to go away and to ask Jesus to help him. He was up late last night, who knows what went on in there!

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