Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Mom Curse.....

Today Jackson had a baseball game. Let me start out by saying that he has been struggling recently with a bad attitude towards things that either he can't do or just doesn't want to do. He lays his head on his desk at school and often cries when he doesn't understand something, or if he just doesn't want to do it. And at home he throws a tantrum that any 2 year old would be proud of. So with the help of Dr. Dobson, we have been implementing consequences for this behavior. So at his game on Monday when the coach told him he would be in the outfield for that inning he decided he didn't want to and went back into the dug out refusing to go on the field! That is not going to fly in the Brown house! So today he had to apologize to Coach. (The coach had already forgotten the incident.) So anyway, every game the kid who did the best gets the game ball. Jackson has not received it yet (they all get one). I had to leave the game early because Charlotte wanted nothing to do with the ball fields tonight. He had a great game and got the game ball!!!! The last 3 seasons he has played every time he has received it I have not been there! I am a curse! You know how baseball is so superstitious. So I guess I should try to miss at least one game a season so that he can get it! Oh well he was so proud and so excited. Quietly I am thanking the Lord that this happened especially after he humbled himself and apologized to the coach. What a great teaching moment! God is good!

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