Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today was not exciting at all. It was long and I was exhausted for most of it. The only real thing to report is a conversation I had with Ellie. She was watching Bambi 2. She came into my room with tears rolling down her face and the saddest look I had ever seen...

Mom-What is wrong Ellie?
E-Bambi died!
Mom- What? No honey. He didn't die you have to keep watching it will be ok.
E- No I saw him! The rocks fell on him.

I convinced her to run back to the game room with me just in time to see him frolicking with his friends. Oh Bambi! I was probably her age when I was so devastated by the death of Bambi's mother. Ellie has such a tender little heart. I love that about her!

Now that I think about it I had tons of cuddle time with both my girls today and you can't beat that! Even if I do have a raging headache!

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I remember crying at Bambi when I was little. It shows that she will have compassion for others when she grows up.