Friday, October 30, 2009

Mom and Dad are visiting and so far it has been so nice.  Just to have someone here to help pick up the slack is nice.  Charlotte has been doing this new thing where she gets two little purses and puts one on each arm.  Then she gets the stroller and puts her baby or sheepy into it and tells me bye-bye and walks away.  It is so cute and she is so proud of herself.  Ellie got new glasses today.  They are so cute.  I have not taken any pictures yet but I will soon and post them.  Here is a conversation I had with Jackson.  Let me set it up for you.  Jackson wanted to know if he could say the word fart.  I said no and he said that everyone says it.  And then:

J-We can only say bad words if our mom's and dad's are not there.
M-Uh, no!  Just because Mommy and Daddy can't hear it doesn't mean that you can say it.  Did you know that God can hear and see everything you say and do? 
J-Yeah, that is because God has big fat ears!

I just started laughing.  In his immature and naive six year old way that is how he could rationalize it.  I love that boy.

Oh and a cool thing happened that I will post on Day 1 of the 30 days of giveaways.

*the blue dress was made for me by my great grandmother when I was 2.

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