Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school...

Today we had our first day of class at The Brown Academy.  Jackson is in 2nd grade and Ellie is in Pre-K but we are going to integrate some kindergarten mid year.  Charlotte started Tot-School today as well.

The day started well.  I was able to get some quiet prayer time in before the kids jumped into bed with me.  Surprisingly, Charlotte slept in until 9 am which was both good and bad.  Jackson and Ellie had a great breakfast and then we sat down at the school table to start our day.  We have changes in the rules and in the way our schedule is.  We also have a new reward system that the kids were excited about implementing.  Tight at the first break is when Char woke up.  She was ready for breakfast and the kids were able to go outside and play for 15 min.  They decided to swing.  I also took this time to get their first day of school pics.  They are funny because Jackson got dressed into pajamas today, Ellie doesn't match (go figure) and Char is in her panties.  Welcome to the flexibility of homeschooling!

Then we came back in and started again.  I took the approach that I would teach each child one at a time while the other had some other easy assignment to work on.  This worked well.  While working on reading with Jackson, Ellie colored her Bible story page and then read books in the reading corner.  While Ellie and I worked on reading/phonics, Jackson worked on handwriting.  Charlotte played with some pom-poms in a bowl that she scooped out with a giant spoon. I got this idea from my friends blog.  Charlotte loved it and Ellie even got in on the fun! The girls also worked on puzzles.  Ellie was able to piece together a puzzle by herself that she had never done before.  She was so proud!

All in all it was a good day.  It wasn't without its ups and downs.  Charlotte had 3 accidents which has got to be a record for her.  Then she spilled all of her chicken noodle soup on the floor.  It was everywhere!  Thanks goodness I have a dog that likes to eat off of the floor.  It made clean up easier! 

Now we are all relaxing and me? I am blogging! 


Sterling said...

High-Five Brown Academy!!!

Elinette said...

Beautiful pictures!!!