Saturday, August 7, 2010


There is a lot of adult drama at my house and in the midst of all of that my kids are doing more and more fun things. 

Jackson-Is learning the ropes of the neighborhood so that he can ride his bike over to his friends house.  He has also been reading really well to me.  I still don't think he is on 2nd grade level but he has come so far in just under a year.  He is excited about all of the new books I have been getting for school.  I think this will be a fun year, harder but fun.

Ellie-She has really improved with her swimming this year.  There is no doubt that next year she will be jumping off the diving board with no assistance.  I am amazed at how well she is doing.  We did not do swimming lessons because they are crazy expensive and well, I never had them and I am a great swimmer.  Last night we rode bikes to a friends and she rode hers the whole way.  She did get a little tired but she stuck in there.  She is such a trooper.

Charlotte-We have officially started the potty-training process.  Not because I was ready but because she was.  It started with her taking her diaper off every time she was wet.  One day while the kids were gone and it was just Charlotte and I (Charlotte was naked) I said "Go sit on the potty."  She did and she peed.  She was so excited and that was the beginning of the end for diapers.  We are not totally trained yet, but we will get there I know.  I am just taking my cues from here.  I figure she is not even 2 yet so what is the rush.  Besides she is my baby! 

I have some pics on my camera and one of my goals is to download them and post them on the blog.  So maybe pics will be on here today.

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