Friday, August 6, 2010

A post on Troy:

This is an email I sent out about Troy's job situation.  I thought I would post it here too so that everyone would know. 

Some of you have called to check on his job. It is all over the news so I thought I would just put it out there so you all would know. His company will be laying off 1600 people. All of the temps and contractors will be laid off on Sept 1. Today they mailed out 500 termination notices to full-time employees. We will know if he is losing his job by Saturday. On October 1, they will be laying off another 500 employees. There is a severance package to those that get laid off that really is not that bad. Once they are let go they will have a job for 60 days and then after will be compensated based on how long they have worked for the company. Troy is not 100% but he is pretty sure that he will be laid off. We are just trusting the Lord that another job will be waiting if and when he does. God has not let us down ever, and I don't think he will start now! :) I will keep crying out that GOD IS GOOD!!!!

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Sterling said...

I will be praying for y'all. You are a sweet friend. Keep your head high.