Monday, August 2, 2010

Friends and Relationships: A challenge

By nature we are social creatures.  God designed us that way.  We are to be in fellowship with each other and even to lean on each other in hard times.  We crave a closeness with other human-beings. 

I have noticed lately that although I have great friends there is not a closeness that I crave.  Looking back at this summer I see why.  Troy was home all summer and he threw our schedule off.  The kids and I never did anything with friends because we were staying home with him. 

Recently I have talked to several people who have been feeling like they have lacked a closeness with friends.  Sure, they all have friends but not the relationships that they need and want.  This is a trend!  Business and mixed priorities can be to blame.  I don't think any-one person leaves someone out because they don't want them around or doesn't call another because they just don't want to.  I think that we get busy.  We have priorities that do not involve others outside of our own families.

This is a sad thing.  If we were hard-wired by our Creator to have a relationship with each other and we are not doing it we will feel lonely.  But how do we change our mindset?  I have a little challenge.  To start; make a one phone call a day to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while.  Pick a time of the day that the kids aren't screaming and needing all of your attention.  Speaking to 5 different friends in the week will make you feel connected to the outside world and will also help to rebuild any broken or bruised friendships.  The next thing is to try to have a family over for dinner.  It is more fun to do it at your house.  You won't have to worry about all those kids at the restaurant and you have more time for fellowship.

We were made for this!  We should make it a priority.  I know that in the Brown house we will be doing this.  So if you get a call from me, you will know I am trying to rebuild our relationship!  And if you don't, wait!  I just haven't gotten to your name yet!  :) 

Our time is short here on earth.  We should spend it loving on one another not being busy with stuff that has no eternal reward!

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Denise said...

Agreed! stole the words from my mouth! I'd also like to add that satan's lies and attacks are stronger when we're disconnected. I'm not giving him that privilege anymore!