Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have been wanting to post an entry about this for a while.  Do you ever feel like your life is redundant?  Wake up, feed kids, clean dishes from last night, start laundry, school, lunch, sweep kitchen, laundry, finish school, take a nap (maybe if you are lucky), make dinner, hang with kids, brush teeth, bath time, bed time, up til 11 watching junk, wake up, feed kids, clean dishes from last night, start laundry, school.....you get the idea.  I don't want to leave out cleaning the litter box, feeding the animals, letting the dog out, letting the dog in, yelling at the kids to clean up, going in after them to do it right, mopping the floors, cleaning up spills, changing diapers (or now it is cleaning up accidents).  There are so many other things that I know I am missing. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love being a mom, wife and teacher.  Recently I have learned that it really is okay to take care of myself.  I have been doing this by running in the evenings.  It is a great release of all of the frustrations from the day.  Last night I just took off.  I usually run much slower.  It felt good. I was going really fast.  My legs were hurting in areas that had not been affected by my running before, but I didn't care.  It felt good.  I made it around the track quickly.  The wind that passed by my sweaty body felt FANTASTIC.  I could have gone forever.  But I couldn't figure out how to control my breathing at that pace.  So I eventually had to stop because I couldn't breathe. 

Where am I going with all of this?  Well as my life has been feeling redundant I have started adding some new things to it.  I started running.  Taking better care of myself. When the running became redundant I changed it up I ran faster and pushed myself!  So how can you make your life less redundant?  I don't know what works for you.  I know that for me this new phase of running has been good for me.  I don't necessarily like running, but I love the feeling it gives when it is accomplished.  I look forward to that feeling!

* I apologize for the way this is all over the place! I wrote this on two different days and my kids have been in and out!*

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