Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's going

Well here it goes.  Homeschooling for us is not something that we do because it is the cool thing to do in our circle of friends.  It is something we do because this is what we feel the Lord wants us to do.  We are doing lots of new things this year including teaching Ellie and Charlotte.  We have also added several more things to our work load.  When someone asks "How is it going?" I have to answer, "It's going".  And it is.  It is just not the way I had planned. 

You see I am a planner.  Sometimes too much.  I had this whole system designed to teach my kids at the same time.  I had it planned out in 20 minute increments.  It was going to be great!  Too bad nobody told them!  The natives are restless and I know a lot of that has to do with not being able to leave the house.

Right now I am praying and asking for guidance.  Last week we missed math the entire week because Jackson's book was lost.  Come to find out, he had been hiding it and did not "find" it until he realized I was serious about the fact that he would have to pay me back.  I was so angry.  Troy wanted to spank him and I just wanted to send him away.  Instead we decided that he would have to get caught up on those 10 lessons (he has 2 per day) on his own time and there would be no reward until then.  He is still lolly-gagging around and frankly I am over it.  Today I told him that I was in a bad mood and that this was his one warning and then I would send him to his room all day until his dad came home. Needless to say he got right on his assignment. He knows I mean business.

Schooling with a two year old is hard and we are trucking along.  I am learning little tricks and so far many of them are working.  Most of the time Charlotte just wants to be held.  She wants to know that she is still important and then she usually runs off.  She loves her new puzzle and the new staking block thing that I got her. Yesterday she actually started putting together one of Ellie's puzzles.  It was a hard one and she actually got a few pieces put together!  I was shocked and proud of my baby all at the same time.

Ellie is the easiest and the most fun to work with.  She just gets it.  She is a perfectionist, though, and she gets frustrated when it is not right.  I am trying not to correct her too much because it puts her in a tizzy.  Really, she is 4 and doesn't need to be writing perfectly.  We are just doing PK activities!  But I do think she may be close to reading by the end of this school year (only because she wants to!).

So if you struggle with yours just know you are not alone!

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