Friday, April 1, 2011

His Wonderful Works

I know it is the name of a good friends blog but I had to post about how wonderful the Lord has been to us this last week.  I am documenting our journey so that when I forget (much like those silly Israelite's) I will be able to look back and see how awesome He is!

On Sunday, after church, Troy came home way early from work and said that he had an ulcer on his foot and he was going to run up to the Walgreen's Clinic and get an antibiotic for it.  This is the first I had heard that he was having problems (Troy is extremely private about certain things). Two hours later the phone rang and the caller ID let me know that someone from the hospital was calling.  It was Troy letting me know he had been admitted into the hospital.  He had gone to Walgreens and Urgent Care and they both said to go straight to the hospital.  Once at the hospital the nurse knew right away he would be admitted.

I was shocked!  I had no idea what was going on.  I quickly found a ride because he had our only car.  I wasn't able to see him right away because he was still in the ER and children were not allowed back.  This was a God thing because I was so mad.  I wanted to chew him a new one! But instead I had to go back home.  I dropped the kids off with Lindy, my wonderful neighbor, and went to pick up dinner for Troy and myself.  In the parking lot of Schlotzky's I just started talking our loud to God.  "I am so mad, Lord! I can't believe that he kept this from me and I can't believe that he wouldn't just go to the FREE doctor.  Now we don't have insurance and this is going to cost a fortune! Why do we always have to be in DEBT?!?!?!?"  As I talked to Him I was soon comforted.  I knew that my husband was priceless and really if the bill was a million dollars I still had him.  I got all of my anger and frustration out by talking to the Lord and let me tell you that my heart was softened by the time I made it the couple of miles to the hospital.

When I got there, Troy was really down.  He was mad at himself.  But because I had already had this talk with God I was able to encourage Troy instead of tear him down.  I admitted to him I was mad but that there was no changing it, there was only moving forward and doing better next time.

That night on the way home from the hospital there was an interview on KSBJ about debt with scripture affirming how God felt about it.  I was encouraged that He gave me that opportunity to hear it. I also found out there will be a seminar coming up in April and it is free and I am going!

On Monday we found out that the infection was all the way down to the bone and Troy had to have an MRI to make sure that the infection was not IN the bone.  I was still worried about the finances but I knew that somehow God would take care of it.  I got a message from a friend that said she was praying specifically for God to do something miraculous with the insurance situation.  She felt as though the Holy Spirit was leading her to pray this.  That day a post card from Lowe's came in the mail reminding Troy to sign up for medical insurance online.  We did.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Troy had an MRI and our worst fears were confirmed.  The infection was in the bone.  And we needed to decide whether or not to amputate.  The amputation would be about half of his big toe.  Y'all this the hardest thing we have ever gone through! What to do? I know what I thought was right but it was not my decision.  It was Troy's.  We prayed over it.  I had a complete peace that no matter what we decided that it would be right.  I just didn't have a peace about what to decide! (Does that make sense?). Meanwhile, I kept getting little notes here and there encouraging me and many of them were direct answers to prayer, they just didn't know it!

We had to make a decision fast and Troy decided to NOT amputate and try 6 weeks of IV antibiotics.  I was worried but okay with his decision.  Then his doctor came in and said that we had to get approval from the infectious disease doctor for antibiotics.  All of the sudden our choice was taken away.  I felt good about that.

Meanwhile I asked specifically from my prayer warriors to pray that the insurance would accept the claim.  It would have to be an act of God because we enrolled after he was already in the hospital and this was considered a pre-existing condition. The ramifications of that are HUGE, let me just tell you!  We were worried about after care and the cost involved.  We filed for emergency medicaid and were denied.  I was beginning to get discouraged.  Then all of a sudden I felt peace, peace that passes all understanding.  I was home when Troy called to let me know that the insurance company agreed to pay for it ALL!!

I couldn't believe it!  It was a huge answer to prayer and I knew that it only could have happened with the Lord.  He finally came home on Thursday.  He is currently on oral antibiotics for the next 6 weeks.  We will see how it works.  He has MRSA, a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics.  But the doctors are sure his "cocktail" will make it better.  I am sure that my God will make it better!

God is so good and He takes care of those that love Him.  And you know what...He takes care of those that don't too.  He loves you.  Give Him a chance to love on you, you will be amazed!

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themarlatts said...

This is exactly what I needed to read tonight!! Thanks for being so open and sharing!