Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost the end....

Well, it is almost the end of November.  Did I give something everyday for 30 days?  No I am afraid not.  Did I give with a cheerful heart?  Yes, I would say so.  Did I enjoy this challenge?  Absolutely.  It has been good and although I can't promise that I will give something everyday I will certainly make it a priority it my life. 

We had Thanksgiving here with the Senterfitt's.  They were so awesome and we had such a blessed day.  There was way too much food and that was ok.  I have had leftovers everyday, I may just throw the rest out today.  I am the only one eating it and there is more then I could ever eat!  But anyway we had such a great time that I told Troy this should be a new tradition.  We should do this more often.  The kids played really hard and the adult conversation was great to have. 

Black Friday shopping was a crazy nightmare.  People desperate to save a few bucks were pushing, cussing and just plain grumpy.  Troy and I tried to be nice to those that we ran into but soon realized that they were not in the mood.  Troy and I even started to get grumpy and began fighting with each other.  It was stupid.  I finally suggested that we leave get some breakfast and then go somewhere else.  Wow!  Food helped!  I think it should be required that you eat before you shop on Black Friday.  I was so worried about getting a DS for Jackson (that we didn't even get) at Walmart for $30 off that I was willing to push too.  I ended up getting him one at target for only $10 off.  But there was no fighting at Target, no pushing and people were generally nicer.  It was also later in the morning.  Troy and I have decided that no sale is worth fighting with others or each other.  We are done with our Christmas shopping.  The only things I have left to buy are for stockings and that should be fun!

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