Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is Thursday and here I am not posting again!  But I will say it has been a good couple of days.  The kids and I went up to the fire station by our house on tuesday and gave the guys the cupcakes (finally).  They were appreciative and they spent almost an hour explaining everything to the kids.  They even let them climb up into the truck.  It was so nice.  We then went and dropped off a car seat to a family that just got a baby girl through foster to adopt care.  Then from there I went to Walmart where I saw Michelle randomly in the parking lot.  We ended up getting a bunch of goodies for Jay.  I hope he likes the yummy stuff!  Yesterday I was able to watch Lilly for Tracy.  She called me last minute for a last minute hair appointment.  Today I was not very giving.  I was exhausted and literally spent the day in bed.  But that is ok, I will make up for it another day I am sure. 

Some blessings, Aunt Cathy called out of the blue and offered to come pick Jackson up and had him for the day and he ended up spending the night with her.  So I had a fairly quiet day and evening without him.  Lilly and the girls played so well together that I was able to finish all of my assignments for the week!  That has not happened in a while. Oh and I was so tired yesterday morning that I was not sure if I could make it and Tracy brought me Starbucks!  That was a HUGE blessing!  Hey, it's the little things!

Oh and here is something I am going to do with the kids. Santa for a Senior is a program that is in most nursing homes that allows you to love on someone that may not have a family nearby or any family at all.  I think the kids will enjoy this.  They were so excited to see all of the Operation Christmas Child boxes in the hallway at church.  There are a ton!!!!!

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