Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 7 and Blessings

Today turned into a lazy day.  I started out cleaning and then it turned into a lazy day with an extremely long nap.  Now I am going to be up late.  So I have been thinking about what I can do for someone else today.  I think I will bless my husband so that when he gets up at the crack of dawn for work he will have see how much I love and appreciate him.

On another note.  I have already started to see some blessings.  I know that they may not sound like much to some but I can see them as blessings. 
  1. Troy just remembered that he can get reimbursed for school which means in 2 weeks maybe a little longer we will be reimbursed for his last block of classes and then right before Christmas we will be getting another check!  That is $3600 total!  The timing could not be better.
  2. I got a letter from Mom today just to say thank you and it was so sweet and it made my day.  
  3. A good friend offered to help with tutoring Jackson.  She is a first grade teacher.
  4. A very expensive curriculum that I want and think would be very beneficial to Jackson was offered to me for a third of the price.  I will have to buy some of the consumable workbooks but that is ok, all totaled it is less then 1/2 of the original price tag!
  5. A mom at church that I have only spoken to in passing, is a homeschooler and has a boy Jackson's age.  They played on Friday and had the best time.  She also has a girl Charlotte's age.  I am so excited to have met her.
  6. I was able to continue working at the church even though I thought I would have to quit because I was homeschooling.
These are not all financial blessings.  I think sometimes Christian's think that if they give they will automatically receive and it will be financially.  Troy and I talked about it today.  I find myself wishing I could just go out and buy whatever I want or need really.  I wish I didn't have to pay half of my mortgage late or make my kids go without their favorite snack.  But that is our lot in life.  For whatever reason God has chosen this for us.  I am going to have to embrace it and go on with my life.  We have never been on the street and we have always had food to eat.  PB&J counts!   He always provides.  So I have to go with it and I have to have a cheerful attitude.  I teach my children to do things with a good attitude and my Heavenly Father wants me to do the same.  So I am and I will.  I may slip as all humans do but that is ok, He is good all the time!

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