Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 9

I did not blog last night because I forgot.  I need to do the same day other wise I forget.  So this morning I was thinking about what I gave yesterday and I was having a hard time until I remembered something that happened.  A friend of mine is struggling spiritually.  She has a past that won't go away and satan has really got a hold of her.  Yesterday she had a panic attack that was so bad that her daughter called 911.  When I got there she was still shaken but doing better.  I was able to spend time with her and pray for her.  She has a doctors appt today that could give devastating news.  But I am praying and my hope is in that it won't be.  That God is bigger then all of this and that He will be glorified through this whole entire situation.

** Just got the call and all of her tests came back negative.  See our God is good!

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