Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2 and 3

So a lot has happened this week.  I know it is only tuesday!  We pulled Jackson out of school and are officially homeschooling.  Today was our first day and went pretty good.  He is going to have to learn a whole new set of rules around here.  Ones that involve being a student and me being a teacher.  But I know that he will get it.  I am noticing that when I am stuck at home my ability to give is limited.  So here is what I did for day's 2 and 3.  Day 2, I was gracious to my son.  We were on time for once for baseball and we got there and were ready to go when he realized he did not have his bag.  I was irritated but I did not yell or punish I just got back in the car and went home to see the bag sitting on the front lawn next to his side of the car.  I know doesn't sound like much but I am working on anger issues and this was huge!  Day 3, today was even harder but I loved on Caleb today because he was not feeling well.  Oh, and I talked to a friend whose husband is in Afghanistan fighting and risking his life everyday.  My family and the Monroe's have adopted them this month so I was getting down what she and her four children need on top of what Jay would need.  I heart that family!

We have 2 boxes for Operation Christmas Child and I am taking the kids on Thursday to fill them.  I know they will enjoy that. 

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