Monday, July 19, 2010


So just wanted to make a post since I am trying to be more diligent about blogging.  I am ready for school to start.  I have almost all of my curriculum.  The last thing I need is the FIAR book and we can start.  I still have some prep work to do too but not too much.  I am hoping we will start in 2 weeks. 

Charlotte is really starting to talk and she is so funny!

Me-Alright guys it's dinner time.

Char-at the top of her lungs in an authoritative voice "Dinner! Dinner! Dinner" As she is walking through the house to wrangle the fam.

*Troy did not hear so I yelled his name.

Char-Toy! Toy! Toy!

I love that little toot! 

Jackson is obsessed with video games and I am trying to ween him off because there have been no guidelines this summer.  He found a penny and tried to bribe me with it, today!  Whatever dude, it will take a lot more then that!

Ellie is so busy and she is such a sweet little girl.  But she pouts all the time!  I am so over it.  So when she is upset and I tell her to go to her room she tries with all her might to stop pouting and smile.  Almost always it is difficult and eventually she cracks up laughing from the whole process!

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