Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today I chose a different road.

A few days ago I shared my struggles on ye ol blog.  It was big to do that because that makes me feel very vulnerable.  I did not post the newest posting to facebook because I really didn't write all of that for the whole world.  It was for me.  It was a way to get it out and I just chose a public forum.  At the same time I think that it makes me have some sort of accountability to those that do follow me on this blog. 

So through my struggles I decided to suck it up buttercup and go on.  It was hard.  Then on Monday I went to Bible Study with the ladies from my SS class.  It was good but I was tired.  Not necessarily physically but emotionally and spiritually.  The other ladies could tell.  I had planned on sharing my struggle but in the end chickened out.  But one friend shared something.  It is from Priscilla Shirer's "One in a Million" bible study.  Priscilla quoted a book that she read and this is what she said:

One day I was walking and found myself in a big hole.  I was stuck and could not figure out how to get out.  It took a long time but finally I was able to get out. The next day I knew the pit might be there so I was careful and lo and behold I fell in again!  This time it took longer to get out, but somehow I did it.  The next day I decided I would go around it.  I teetered on the edge and fell in. The story goes on and each time the person falls into the pit.  Then it starts "Today I chose I different road." 

How FREEING!!!  When I heard those words I almost burst into tears.  I know I have been in a pit, I get out and I feel good for a few days and then I am right back in.  I couldn't figure it out until I heard this.  I needed to choose a different road.  So I thought back to what made me feel so good the week the kids were gone.  I will tell you it was exercise and I was not in my room at all.  I busied myself doing other things.  The temptation to curl up under the blankets was not there because the bed was not in my face. 

Now don't get me wrong I am not cured.  But I am enlightened and only the Holy Spirit can be thanked for that.  So today I chose a different road and so far I feel great!

On another note we are starting school very soon and I am doing a lot of new stuff this year.  I will be posting some fun things to share and hopefully will get feedback and more ideas!

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