Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I am going to be so vague, and you will probably get irritated!  But oh well! 

I am sooooooo irritated with a situation right now that I can barely speak!  I was actually so mad to the point of shaking.  I don't know how to handle the situation because I am so angry and hurt.  I am torn on what to do.  Is it right to completely write off a relationship without talking to the offender first?  I want to, but that is so beyond my character.  It is not in my character to get this mad.  But at the same time in my adult life I have not had someone I call friend treat me or my family this way. 

Ugh!  I am unable to see a resolution.  I have been praying that I will be able to forgive and that I would be able to demonstrate grace and mercy and I thought I was really going to be able to and guess what?!?!?!?  I can't, I am not ready.  So you can pray for me, that would help!


Sterling said...

I will pray for you friend.

Misty said...

Oh how i hope it isn't me. I know I've put a lot on you these last few weeks!! :( Praying for you!