Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, my mom says that when the Lord teaches us something we must be prepared to use it.  Well, last night I was tested.  Troy came home tired and really beat down.  He had his annual review a couple of months ago and finally got the results yesterday.  He got a good review but was passed over for a raise.  So annoying!  They said it was because he was demoted last year.  So in my mind I start thinking about all of the situations that led to where we are today.  And I was NOT thinking about the good situations.  Only the bad.  He was demoted because he would not kiss up to his new boss.  And when the new boss left he also left a bad word about Troy in the new bosses ear.  He was then demoted and moved to a different location where he had to go in sometimes at 2 am.  The list goes on and on.  He has spent countless hours from his family and now his newest boss wants Troy to work on Sunday so that he (the boss) can go to church with his family.  I am mad!  I am mad as I type.  It seems like a no win situation and Troy won't quit because he has to have surgery on his foot.  And that is another thing....his surgery that keeps getting delayed!  But I digress, no really, I digress!

So am I so shallow and hypocritical that I would post a long blog about how good the Lord is to His people only to have something not go my way and forget it all and sit and be angry?  I was quick to anger last night, I admit it.  But immediately my blog popped into my mind. Ahh, the sweet reminders of the Holy Spirit.  Nothing, I mean nothing that happened yesterday or in the past 14 months has been a surprise to Him.  Not one thing.  He is in control.  We are okay!  We really are.  It doesn't matter that Troy has missed 2 raises in a row, or on paper was demoted by 15K.  Our tax returns last year show a much different story.  God provided for us, just like He provides for the birds in the air. And aren't we more precious then them?  So with that.  I may be irritated with the situation but I know that God is in control and that there is no surprising Him. 

And today I rest peacefully in that!

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