Monday, April 19, 2010

This past weekend was very busy and relaxing all at the same time.  It started really on Monday when I was racing to get all of my Tot2Tot stuff registered.  Stressful but I am sure rewarding.  Running around all week buying hangers and safety pins was not the most fun, but not too bad either.  Then by Friday I was really getting tired. 

Oh and I forgot to mention that on Wednesday I hurt my back (pulling up my pants! I know weird!).  I actually pulled a muscle and pinched a nerve at the same time.  I went and saw my awesome massage therapist but I had to wait until Friday.  So by Friday I had a ton planned and my parents were also on their way (Yeah!).  I had my massage after my parents arrived.  Troy worked late, the steaks I had put out for dinner were still frozen solid, and so we had Taco Cabana, always a favorite at the Brown's. 

Saturday Jackson had a flag football game and he kicked hiney!  I was so proud.  He grabbed 6 flags (which is a tackle) and scored a touchdown.  He actually ran it right up the middle through the other team and scored.  It was so awesome I was so proud.  He totally redeemed himself from last week.  He was not paying attention and did poorly.  Then I got to NAP!  It was so nice, Mom and Dad were more then happy to pick up the slack for me.  Saturday night we went to my cousin CJ's wedding.  It was really nice to see family. 

Sunday I attempted church but my guy, Riley, was not there so I just came back home.  Char had a fever and although I knew my mom was capable, I wanted to be home with her.  We had our traditional lunch at Jason's Deli before Mom and Dad left and that was it....Very busy but relaxing at the same time!

*while I was typing this I heard an awful sound and Charlotte crying.  Yep, she did it!  She puked.  Oh joy!  I am glad I made that doctor appt!

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